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Guided Reading takes off in Ballydesmond NS

Ballydesmond NS Guided Reading 2.jpg

Ballydesmond N.S have hit the ground running with a new and exciting reading scheme for the 2021/2022 school year. Part-funded by their very successful Christmas raffle last year, the school has invested extensively in state of the art 'PM Readers' for use across the school.


School principal Mr. Pat Neenan explained: 'The aim of our school’s literacy program is to ensure that all students become successful balanced readers. Balanced readers are readers who can accurately decode text, read with fluency and phrasing, and fully comprehend the information they are reading across a range of text types and genres.' 


The school now employs a 'Guided Reading' approach to literacy, using meticulously levelled texts. This is a research-informed approach to assist students in becoming engaged balanced readers and the new texts have certainly been a hit with the young readers in Ballydesmond N.S:

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