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1st & 2nd Class

Hi all!

I hope you are keeping well and that your children are becoming a little bit more used to the idea of not being in school. I know some of them will find it difficult to have their routine disrupted and this is completely understandable.

I have created a timetable of work to be completed. However, I do completely appreciate that just because your child is off school does not necessarily mean you are off work. So please be assured that it is okay to do what you can when you can. Don't underestimate the learning that is to be had in everyday tasks such as having your child set the table or drawing and playing.


Now could be an excellent opportunity gain experience in skills such as tying shoelaces and reading the time! On that note there are some activities here that you may wish to complete as I know the days will be long and these may provide a welcome break from ‘book work’. 

Please find below our work for the next few days ,

Mrs. Curtin


Week beginning June 15

Additional Resources

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