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Welcome to this new section of our school website, set up in response to the unprecedented school closures of March 2020. As we all do our part to battle the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we are determined to continue providing quality learning experiences to our students.

To begin with, we have a page dedicated to listing all the internet based resources that we feel can help consolidate your child's learning. New resources are coming on stream daily in response to the current situation and we will endeavour to update our list accordingly.  

Each class has their own dedicated page on the drop-down menu. Listed therein are the specific instructions from each teacher. Between 9.25am and 3.05pm on school days (beginning March 18th) teachers will do their best to be available to answer any queries you may have via the Class Dojo App. 

Finally, we would like to state that what each teacher has put in place is a suggested programme to follow. We don't assume that every family will be in a position to do all of the prescribed work/access technology etc. As parents, you are and always will be the primary educators of your child. This current mandated closure is a difficult situation for schools and parents alike to manage, but manage we will.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Wishing you every good health in the days and weeks ahead,

Mr. Neenan. 

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